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Dr. Randi Rudolph (she/her) is a conductor, music director, and collaborative pianist currently based in San Diego, California. Comfortable with a baton and at the keyboard, she is especially interested in works that bridge the gap between musical theater and opera. Trained as a classical pianist, she enjoys the focus and decision-making skills necessary to collaborate during a live performance. Recent music director credits include 42nd Street at Moonlight Amphitheater, A Chorus Line at The Phoenix Theatre Company, associate conductor for Street Scene at Arizona State University, and associate music director of the first national tour of The Prom.


Randi has received the Louis J. Sudler Prize in Music for conducting, and was named a semifinalist in The American Prize competition for her work in musical theater conducting. Whether she is reimagining established works or in the creative process of a new work, she focuses on finding meaning in the musical details, as well as integrating acting, singing, and movement in a way that supports vocal health and expressive performance. 

In addition to her career as a conductor and pianist, Randi enjoys practicing and performing on other instruments including the violin, guitar, and harpsichord. Favorite side projects currently include: writing a musical piece on Irish nationalist Roger Casement, developing a simplified rhythmic notation for syncopated pop rock music, and dreaming about a Bob’s Burgers musical.


Randi recently completed her Doctorate of Musical Arts in Conducting at Arizona State University, where she studied with Brian DeMaris and researched rhythmic notation in Broadway pop rock scores. She received her Masters of Music in Conducting from Ithaca College and her Bachelors of Arts in Music from Stanford University.  

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